Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stella & Dot Jewelry

Did you know Stella & Dot also makes jewelry for girls?!  

These pretty baubles ("Poppy Bracelet Set") were introduced to me by my Stella & Dot stylist, Erin Moharita.

Love the chunky, multi-faceted beads and detail accents...... and I know my daughter will appreciate the bright pink hues!  

What impressed me most though, was the noticeable difference in quality vs. typical girls' jewelry.  

I can see her wearing these for quite some time if she doesn't lose them first (am really hoping that she does not)!

Couldn't resist buying the "Izzie" necklace and bracelet set (not shown here) as well to mix and match....

See link below for more Stella & Dot jewelry and where to buy!